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To all the Tumblr users who tend to use tags very liberally:


Let’s play a game. Type the following words into your tags box, then post the first automatic tag that comes up:

  • you: You gotta love this man
  • also: also
  • what: WHAT THE FNARK?
  • when: when
  • why: and this is why friends will always be epic
  • how: how can you not love this man
  • look: because werewolfs can look damn fine
  • never: nevergiveup

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i hope they change the actor for daario naharis every season for absolutely no reason and with no explanation given

I kinda hope not because Michiel Huisman is pretty awesome

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Veronica Mars (2014): Favourite Scenes [1 of ?] [x]

Veronica, Piz, Wallace & Mac dancing.

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This video basically reaffirms how much fucking cooler Danes are than the rest of us.

God I love Willemijn Verkaik! She was awesome as Elphaba in Wicked. Golden voice really.

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Okay. But let’s talk about Thor for a second. Thor does not get enough love and (Loki forgive me) he is honestly one of the best fucking characters Marvel has. And it’s shown so simply and so beautifully right here. He is so fucking chill about everything. Obviously, he doesn’t live in space, he lives in Asgard. But he knows everyone thinks he’s kinda like an alien, and he just goes along with it because why not? These humans are funny in their lack of understanding, but it’s an endearing kind of funny. Just like in the first movie, where Darcy tells him to smile so she can take a picture of him and he has no fucking clue what she’s doing or what a phone is and it could kill him for all he knows but he just fucking smiles and keeps eating his delicious pancakes because he’s just so chill like that. And if you look at his face in the first gif, it’s very serious and concentrated but the moment Darcy starts talking to him he loosens up and is like “Muscles? Ah, yes I suppose I am quite muscular. Oh, she’s inquiring about Asgard. But she called it space. She seems confused as to my origins, but it’s not of import. I like space, that’s a good name. I shall call it space too.”

And that little head nod he does back to her in the last gif. I’m dead. Deceased. Murdered from Thor cuteness

He’s just.. ugh, Thor doesn’t get enough appreciation. There are so many little things he does that go ignored but no more. His complete adorableness will be appreciated. 

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During a game of ‘Sibling-wed,’ it’s revealed that Chris once tricked his younger brother (Scott) into peeing his pants. x

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My own work. Made in photoshop and illustrator© EVS 2014

My own work. Made in photoshop and illustrator

© EVS 2014

Wait! You had a force field with Wyatt, but not with me? From the womb!? He had powers from the womb!? That’s unbelievable! It’s not like I don’t have an inferiority complex with him already! Thank you!

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